How To Create A Personal Wiki?

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia is a multilingual and free platform for everyone. The site is written and maintained by volunteers via open collaboration. It is also equipped with a wiki-based editing system.

The platform is loaded with over 6,563,029 articles on English Wikipedia. If you are thinking about how to create a personal wiki. Then this guide will help you. From here, you will learn about the steps to create a personal wiki page, including the facts that why you need a wiki page for yourself. At last, there will be sites mentioned to help you in creating a personal wiki.

Step On How To Create A Personal Wiki Account

The following are the steps to guide you to create a personal wiki account.

Visit Wikipedia Main Page

You can search for Wikipedia on any search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, etc., and then click the link to the official Wikipedia page. You will reach the main page of Wikipedia.

Create Your Wiki Account

At the main page in the upper right corner, you will see an option of creating an account. Click on that option to create a personal wiki account.

Add Relevant Information

Now you must fill in the personal information, including username, email, and password. And verify the email as the user.

So, if you are asking, can you create a personal wiki page? Then the answer is yes. These are the three simpler steps to create the wiki account.

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Steps To Create A Personal Wikipedia Page

Now, after creating a personal wiki account, you have to create your page. Follow the steps below to create a personal wiki page.

Do Extensive Search

Usually, you can create a Wikipedia page. You have to search for the topic on the onsite search bar. If the page is already created, then there is no need to write about that. But if you are creating a Wikipedia page for yourself, then there is no chance that anybody has written it before.

Another way to create a page is to find the link in red color. In Wikipedia blue colored links mean the page is available for the topic, and red-colored link means that there is no content about the topic.

Although you can click on the red-colored button to create a personal wiki page for yourself.

Wikipedia Contribution Page Is A Must To Go Through

Wikipedia Contribution page helps you to know what Wikipedia is and how can you create a personal wiki. There are the following things that you have to understand while creating a wiki page.

Through the contribution page, you will understand the purpose of Wikipedia, including the protocols, basics of contributing, editing aids, tutorials, and much more. You can create a personal Wikipedia page by the end of the read.

Edit And Practice On Existing Pages

Before creating a Wikipedia page for yourself, you have to practice on the platform. And this can only be done through editing. It will be best if you edit the pages that are already written to get the know-how of wiki practically.

Start Writing Your Personal Wiki

The next thing on your to-do list is to write the page. But can you create a personal wiki? You can easily create a Wikipedia page if you know the ins and outs of the writing. That is why reading the contribution page is important before writing a page.

You have to keep your writing style and tone formal and informative. It should not be promotive and casual. This can cause the rejection of your Wikipedia page.

Editing Is Must

After the first draft, now edit your page. You can take help from professionals to edit your draft and make it error-free.

Submit Your Entry To Wikipedia

When the final draft is ready, you have to submit it to Wikipedia. You can go to the sandbox option in the upper right corner. Here you will see the text box where you can paste your written draft. You can do a preview to make sure your page is good to go.

And then, if everything is good, press the publish page button.

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Right After publishing, you will see an option to submit your draft for review to Wikipedia.

On the next page, you have to fill in the information related to your page. The draft title, category, short description, and classification tags will be included. After adding all the information, click submit.

This is how you can create a Wikipedia page for yourself. Now you just have to wait for the approval of Wikipedia to publish your page.

Why Do You Need To Create A Personal Wikipedia Page?

There are many reasons why you should create a personal Wikipedia page. Some of them are given below.

A Tool To Build Your Reputation and Credibility

The foremost reason to create a personal Wikipedia page is to build credibility and reputation. It enhances the chances of trust ability of people who wants to know about you and admire you. You have to give all the information about yourself, such as your early background, education, early life, and more. When the readers read about it, the page can use as a tool to build your credibility among people.

A booster For Your Visibility

Wikipedia can be a great option when it comes to visibility. You can utilize and create a Wikipedia page to improve your visibility. Wikipedia is the 7th most visited website. And means that you have a higher chance of reaching a larger audience through the medium. There are chances that you might find out the opportunity to get noticed by international people. Or by companies and industries that would want to work with you.

Enhance The Authenticity

Wikipedia is the most authentic site when it comes to online resources and research. The platform doesn’t incorporate any misleading and false information. So, when your pages get approved, it means that Wikipedia found you authentic, and the readers believe the same about you. It makes it clear to the people that you are an authentic source in your particular field.

So, these are some of the reasons that encourage the notable person to create a Wikipedia page. You can make yourself a credible source via this platform.

Easy Ways to Make Your Own Wiki Page

If you want to create a personal wiki, then there are some sites that you should check out because they will help to create your Wiki more easily.

1. SlimWiki

Many people don’t have the technical expertise and time to use complex wiki platforms. And if you are one of them, then you can use SlimWiki. SlimWiki makes it straightforward for you to make a personal wiki and also for your company, group, or project. It is easier to use and a great way to create a wiki.

On this site, you, as a wiki owner, can choose who can change the content. You can add other users as editors or give them read-only permission. There is a collection of pages hierarchy of content. And you can add pages you want in your collection, there is no limit for it.

2. MediaWiki

It is one of the most prevalent platforms on the web. It is open source and lets you create a personal Wiki without any charges. MediaWiki is originally used on Wikipedia. And now, the site also provides a backend for many other common wiki sites. It includes Wiktionary, Wikimedia Commons, and Wikidata.

The site has exclusive and outstanding customization options, which makes it more appealing. You can find over nineteen hundred extensions, nine hundred configurations, and support for three hundred languages. You must need a server that runs PHP and a compatible SQL database to run MediaWiki.

Rich content, edit track, namespace, and templates are other included features of MediaWiki.

3. Tiki Wiki

Tiki Wiki is another open source and free of charge. It is a wiki-based content management system same as MediaWiki. But you don’t need any HTML knowledge to create a wiki on Tiki Wiki. If you are using Tiki Wiki in wiki creation, then you can enjoy several features of the site, such as a WYSIWYG editor, complete revision history retention, tools for revision comparison, and Wiki RSS feeds.

There are options to organize pages by categories or tags, and you can organize groups of pages in a hierarchy. In Tiki Wiki, you can easily embed content, manage backlinks, and sort user permissions. Permissions are based on the material that has to be edited.

4. Wikidot

This is the best site if you don’t know much about HTML, PHP, or JavaScript. The site was launched in 2006 and became one of the best wiki sites. Wikidot also has a hosting service under its hood named wiki farm. Wiki’s code runs on a collection of servers instantly on the wiki farm. The admins are available at the sites that are responsible for maintaining the servers and managing every individual wiki space.

Wikidot provides a large number of pages, unlimited revisions, personalized CSS themes, backups, and limitless numbers of members of public wikis.

5. Fandom

Fandom is another site that is easy to use for everyone. The site was launched in 2004 and went with the name Wikia and in late 2019 changed its name to Fandom. Jimmy Wales launched the site, and he also launched Wikipedia, and that is why Fandom is known as a commercial and for-profit arm of the Wikipedia site.

The wiki pages at Fandom are powered by the MediaWiki backend. This provides benefits to the users from the benefits of the platform. The users don’t have to worry about hosting and technical issuers.

6. DokuWiki

DokuWiki might seem similar to MediaWiki and Tiki Wiki as it is an open-source and free-to-use platform. But it is much easier to use and has a much easier learning arc. If you do not know about tech or prefer an easy-to-use platform, this is for you.

The site is equipped with toolbars and access bars to make the page editing easy, and breadcrumbs are used to support easy navigation and a huge number of plugins to extend your wiki functionality.

DokuWiki includes future links, backlinks, tables of contents, indexing, and much more as automated features. You can also find templates on the site to make your Wiki more attractive.

Own Wikipedia Page Sounds Good

Anyone from anywhere can log in and create an account on Wikipedia and write their own Wikipedia page. It is easy to develop the content for a page that is missing, or you can write about yourself if you want to create a personal Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia is free for all and an open source, which means you can edit other already existing articles or create a brand-new page about the topic that is missing.

Can you create a personal Wiki? This question might become easy for you now. You can create Wiki as you want and without any complications.

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